Friday, August 9, 2019

United States vs. Antoine Jones Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

United States vs. Antoine Jones - Article Example As the discussion highlights United States vs. Antoine Jones is a case that looks at the government’s ability to conduct warrantless GPS tracking, in the case of a suspected criminal vehicle. The case looks into partial elements of the fourth amendment, and the case would have an impact on cases that related to the use of technological advances in investigations and the techniques used by the police in assessing potential criminals.This paper discussses that the Supreme Court has reviewed the D.C. circuit’s perception on privacy, which was interesting. D.C. Circuit stated that the case did not challenge the nature of warrantless GPS tracking, stating that it did not intrude on any case of privacy. They considered it a broader measure of law enforcement techniques. D.C. circuit stated that it was a discrete method of collecting discrete public information for a given period. Â  The case may be evidential as to how the law enforcement agencies over-step their boundary, c oncerning ethical and law adhering elements of operation. There was a clear violation of the laws, and they were done in a way that suggests that the agents were acting in accordance to personal judgment, rather than following the parameters that have been established by the law. It serves to prove that the law enforcement agencies operate above the rather than follow the established components that rules and regulations of the United States.

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