Saturday, August 24, 2019

Human Resources Management slp Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human Resources Management slp - Essay Example Human resource management aims to set meaningful goals and ensures that these goals are met for the future growth and success of an organization (Kaushik, 2009). Before hiring an employee, it is important for the human resource person to have a written job description on hand. A good job description includes the detailed information about the job such as the duties and responsibilities of the employee, the qualifications needed to fit in the job, and the experiences and general skills needed to be carried out by the chosen candidate. A job description is an important aspect in hiring employees since it serves as a guide for determining if an employee is well suited for the job, it ensures that the qualifications needed are matched with the potential candidate, and it serves as the foundation in constructing possible interview questions (Wolf, n.d.). Developing a good job description is a significant task for the human resource people. It serves as communication tools for the success of the organization since employees get to learn and be aware of their duties and functions. Without it, employees will tend to be confused of the workplace they are in because they do not know what is expected from them. With job descriptions, employees are provided with a clearer view of the picture about the company thus paving the way for a better communication between them and the organization. Aside from that, it also tells employees where they fit in the picture so they could perform their duties effectively (Heathfield,

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