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Praxis Paper Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Praxis Business - Research Paper Example 1.2 Introduction Many business environments are appreciating the importance of technology at the work place. Before, processes were manual, but today automated systems have been integrated in almost every business unit. In turn, practices, which are conducted by business, have improved. This is the reason why SUPERVALU has come up with an information system, which is comprehensive. Evolution of information systems greatly improves processes. In order to obtain competitive advantage, information systems should be planned for strategically. Before new systems are purchased, managers must first make decisions based on the capability of the system (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). 1.3 Profile of the people interviewed at SUPERVALU The people, interviewed for this research, work at SUPERVALU in managerial capacities. Greg Harness is in charge of the Information technology Department. He assumes the title of the Project Manager of IT. Harness is well educated and his experience is vast. He has expe rience in information technology having worked in this field for twenty years. The other person interviewed is Susan Morris, who is in charge of customer experience at SUPERVALU. She is well informed about matters, which concern the company. Her experience in management is vast and is aware about the functions of the IT department. 1.4 Competitive advantage achieved from using and Implementing Information Systems Customer satisfaction is the reason why they had to improve their systems. In order to achieve efficiency and accuracy at the company, it makes use of Radio Frequency systems. In turn, it is able to monitor profitability and customer satisfaction. According to Morris (2011), the operative movements at the store are accountable, due to the effectiveness of the system. The system also ensures that optimum efficiency is achieved as evaluation and monitoring of information occurs (Friedman & Hoffman, 2001). The stocks, which are at the stores, are known through a process known as ambient area. The latter is achieved as a result of the existing system (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). This means that problems do not arise when delivery by suppliers is late. Also, there is premium product availability, due to the existing system. She believes that this system has improved the process as the store and in turn, customers are extremely satisfied. According to Harness (2011), the teams at the various stores are happy about the introduction of the new systems. Their work environment has improved greatly, and everyone feels that work has become more accommodating. The terminals, which have been out in place, are extremely user friendly. One does not have to be an expert in computers to use the terminals. Since the system is reliable, the teams working at the stores are loyal to the company. Expansion has been made easier by the system, as customers in their Northern Ireland, stores are served well. In turn, many customers have praised and commented about the service being offered (Britt, 2010). They have witnessed an improvement in various aspects at the stores. Other competitive advantages, which have occurred, are availability of products, and delivery has become extremely accurate. Job enhancement has occurred, due to Information systems implementation. Tasks are now prioritized and time saving takes place. The system handles matters concerning information and data handling. The latter was previously done by

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