Thursday, August 8, 2019

Express your own views about issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Express your own views about issues - Essay Example Customers are the consumers of the end product of a given company. For many organizations to provide quality product and services, they should consider meeting the wishes of the customer. Customers demand will drive the company in making sure that the end product is of good quality. Customer’s tastes and preferences should be the major concern in an organization. For example, if the LCD televisions set are in high demand, the manufacturing industry should produce such type of television (TV) that is of good value. The TV set should be of the standard that is required by the customers as this will influence its sale. Many customers will buy that product because it has been manufactured according to their standards. Customer’s satisfaction is also another consideration for a good project quality management. If the company wants to manufacture a certain product or provide services to customers, it should consider what customers are in need of at that particular time. Many companies do produce one item for a long period of time of which sometimes that product is of no importance to the customer. For instance, when a company is planning to come up with another project, it would be best to research first on the kind of products or services that customers in certain areas are in need of. This will aid the firm in achieving its goals, thus becoming successful. During manufacturing of certain products or services in a company, employees should do the right thing. This will produce an end product that is original. Unlike if an employee does some mistakes in the process of manufacturing. In repeating the process, it means some stages had been skipped by the worker and the final product will not be of the same value if he or she had followed the procedures well in the first attempt. This will result in several problems and might be one of the failures by the company of not producing good quality

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