Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Team and Teamwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Team and Teamwork - Essay Example With the suggestions that teamwork increases business activities, there is no clear empirical support as to such evidence. However, according to managers and employees the effectiveness of teamwork is great (Allen & Hecht, 2004). There are numerous articles that state about the term team, which consists of two or more individuals, who are entitled to specific assignments and roles, and whose task is to perform interdependent tasks. However, being adaptable to numerous changes within the organization and outside it, they are able to follow and share a common goal. To work effectively together, team members should have specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes, such as the ability to monitor the performance of others, knowledge of own and teams responsibilities and a certain attitude toward being as part of a team. Such skills are crucial for teamwork. Moreover, according to the extensive research on teamwork showed that along with the skills necessary for the effective teamwork, there also should be a set of interrelated skills that assist performance of all the tasks of the organization. Teamwork differs from task work, for example, a surgical skill. However, teamwork and task work require teams to be effective in complex environments. In addition, knowledge and skill at the task are not enough in health care system for example. Teamwork depends on each team member’s ability to meet the needs of others, to be able to adjust to others actions and have a general realization of how a certain goal should be achieved (Baker,  Day &  Salas, 2006). It is also important to mention that skills are all individual acquisition of team members and can be opposed to team-level competencies. It means that team members bring personal skills to their teams engaging in the work. Competencies are not unique to the team.To bring up the positive and working environment within the team, there are many ways that leaders and team members can use to increase their contributi on. The first and the main factor are to have a responsible and effective leader of the task or the project. The person who is in charge should be not a micromanager and use its excessive power to dominate others. The ability to be tactful and to encourage others is important traits of the effective leader and should be a must. Such leader will be able to values each team member and everyone’s contribution to true consideration. There is also a need to invite a stakeholder in the task or a project because it will bring the team feeling of meaningfulness toward the people and sides engaged in the process. The other important factor for the team to work efficiently is to praise the team and its individuals as well. Every piece of work and every contribution should be appreciated and recognized in the form that each member would consider good for one. Some credit toward teamwork and its members will motivate people to more accomplishments.

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