Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Scientific Misconduct Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Scientific Misconduct - Essay Example Misconduct in the scientific research totally damages the good will of any research that has been. This has greatly ruined the scientific advancement and the professional success in the field of science and research. The wrong doers are prone to heavy penalties if found guilty and may be sanction and even serve jail term as the law indicates. The misconduct represents itself in many forms, (D’angelo p 86). These can be seen from the journals, scientific press and the many institutions accredited to the scientific research. There have been many paradigm theories and ways on how to investigate, who to investigate and the legal actions for anyone found guilty of the scientific misconduct. There has been cleavage as to who to determine this egregious fakery, duplication and even plagiarism the field of science. This paper reworks on the areas that can be useful in determination of the culprits. The political and cultural environment was the first to raise the red flag. The context here is that Americans have over time held the scientist, as people of high caliber, with vast knowledge that do offer solutions. Economically and socially they are valued as people of great importance, (D’angelo p 77). Any tempest in the field of scientific research would bring our economy on its knees. There has to be a lot of care and due diligence that needs to be put in place to main stability in this field. Integrity in the field of science must be upheld. The research has to give credible results that hold water at the end of the day. Failure to provide this vital component would lead as a total violation of the laid out procedures and this will be termed as scientific misconduct. This integrity issue has to be encouraged and motivated to give yields to the multinational credible research institutes, (D’angelo p 98). Congressional attention to have a detailed report in scientific

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