Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Minnesota Curriculum Integration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Minnesota Curriculum Integration - Assignment Example The faculty and the advisers are keen in the undergraduate curriculum since they work under the set and existing structures (Thurlow, 50). One of the structures that are emphasized a lot is the academic planning for the student in addition to the issues that face the student when studying. The executive leadership plays a major role in teaching the faculty and advisers on how they can study abroad and still emphasize student to partner with them abroad. Since the institution is interested in long-term impacts through the transformation in the undergraduate curriculum, they work for it through structures that are followed by the advisers, faculty and the learners (Nussbaumer, 40). They still work to ensure that they can get the behaviors concerning the student studying abroad and how the institution will be depicted internationally. The executives of the institution are administrators, vice chancellors, vice provost, vice president, the directors and core curriculum team. They work together to make sure that the goals set are achieved within the stipulated time (Mitton, 45). For the purpose of curriculum integration, the institution follows the principles set in along with discipline that is equipped to the learners. The set structures which exist are part and parcel of the institution model where they are followed to make sure that the student will benefit and study abroad without fear. One of the goals of Minnesota curriculum integration is to make changes in the institution, making sure that innovation is achieved where they are going to partner with others. Additionally, the goal of curriculum integration is to make sure that faculty or the advisers that are in abroad create well-educated learners and global citizens that will contribute positively in the national development (Hallinger, 32). Another goal is to make sure more increased scholarship abroad is achieved.

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