Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Compare and contrast the four images below Essay

Compare and contrast the four images below - Essay Example The images depicted in each painting manifest the embodiment of masculinity at a time where it was glorified. The perfect aesthetic human qualities were the pinnacle of success. The strong link between each of this image that is made from bronze is the fact that it testaments athleticism in an era where physical strength was huge. Olympics that started in Athens gave birth to these paintings. It is evident that Olympics played a crucial role in western part of Peoloponnese. (â€Å"Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History†) For instance, the movie such as 300 depict soldiers as perfectly chiseled and powerful men. Similarly, the correlation of perfection in the sculpture is embodied in every genre. This is perfectly displayed in Figurine of an athlete making an offering. The athlete in this context is accepting the gift as a symbolism of celebration. The second element that these images manifest themselves that is Greek original in bronze by Polykleitos dates back to 430 AD. (â€Å"Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History†) The kylix image along with athlete of the diadoumenos type It again manifests the male body of perfection in which aesthetics were crucial. In this particular image, the artist clearly has been extremely creative from every angle and touch. This graphic is a great image as it depicts a typical hand brush that is utilized for cleaning purposes. The brush itself is painted in a very elegant manner with amazing finish. Every bristle is clear and gives the feeling of cleanliness to the audience. Furthermore, the bristles variation in color is a clear depiction of a unique style that the artist has embraced. This is created via bronze and stood in Olympics. Each male body part is symmetry of thorax and pelvis creates a contrast of the body itself. The proportions and the stance is for the audience to appreciate th e sense of potential movement. In art class, my main focus was to observe

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