Monday, September 9, 2019

MCA DENVER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MCA DENVER - Essay Example 3). Several events are hosted in the museum, and it provides an ample opportunity for amateurs as well as professionals to develop an appreciation for contemporary art. This paper briefly describes three images that form an integral part of the prestigious MCA Denver museum. Image 1: Schuttbild (6-Day Play) The paintings by famous Austrian painter, Hermann Nitsch, are on display in the MCA Denver museum of contemporary art in the series entitled, â€Å"Bloodlines: Paintings by Hermann Nitsch,† which represents Abstract Expressionism (â€Å"Bloodlines: Paintings by Hermann Nitsch,† par. 1). The image â€Å"Schuttbild (6-Day Play)† is a brilliant depiction of the emotions of an artist who has spilled agony, frustration, and helplessness on canvas. The use of a blend of pigments and blood on the canvas also portrays the enigma of materialism and sacrificial practices of the Catholic Church (â€Å"Bloodlines: Paintings by Hermann Nitsch,† par. 1). It is intere sting to note the use of fresh red color with an almost invisible backdrop of brown color. The bright red color shows new and vibrant emotions, while the brown color shows old and faded emotions.

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