Sunday, October 6, 2019

What factors affect tourism in Oxford and your home city write an Essay

What factors affect tourism in Oxford and your home city write an not more than 600 words(300 words on Oxford and 300 words on factor affecting tourism in your country) - Essay Example Instead, brands should be developed around themes that are linked to the interest of the people and tourists. Culture is essential for a successful and a high-quality tourism industry. Oxford does not make enough of the culture and some cultural providers even never realize the importance of incorporating culture in tourism. Values and culture are essential additional products to the tourism industry. They provide a sense of ownership to the community members as well improve their quality of life. Thus, the tourism industry needs to realize the importance of culture and values of art. Poor tourism infrastructure is a major issue in oxford. The tourist attractions are okay, but there is still room for improvement especially in accommodation, information and transport facilities (Pritchard, Morgan, and Ateljevic, 952). Improvement in the infrastructure is, therefore, essential to increase the number of tourists visiting i.e. provision of better transport for tourists and ensuring that the streets are clean Creation of sustainability in the tourism industry is a major factor. Sustainability needs to be consumer focused and being aware of the visitor’s perceptions of Oxford as well as improving their experience. The industry has not reached the local people. Thus, campaigns are needed to enlighten the residents of oxford on the benefits and importance associated with tourism, and the sector needs to focus more on the consumer needs. Global economies affect the tourism industry in oxford. In the case of a weak UK or US economy, then this makes it to be a very expensive destination for visitors from the US. Thus, it is important to seek new alternative markets and demonstrate their good value for money (Glasson, 138). Russia is among the top 15 countries in the world in terms of the country’s world heritage and cultural resources. However, the countries tourism industry accounts for only 3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product that can be

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