Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Security Bank Customer Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Security Bank Customer Service - Essay Example Many banks have failed to improve their business performance because of scarcity of natural resources in their economy. The Security Bank aims to advance their business through ensuring that the scarce resources are well utilized well in the organization in order to avoid compromising with the future needs. Thus, it will ensure that the business rates are higher more than the spending rates. This is through delivering high quality and effective customer services to organizations in order to capture the attention of many customers; thus increasing the profitability levels. The business also plans to improve the investment level by 3% in the year 2018. This is crucial because it will enable the business to improve their performance level in order to achieve high profitability level.The marketing segmentation of the potential buyers will be based on gender, income, age, education, employment and family lifecycle. Margit and Pallas (79) point out that understanding market and segmenting markets are crucial because it can enlarge the customer base. This is because segmenting market will offer adequate information to the business, which will successfully enable them to adjust their component of business activities. For instance, the Security Banking sector has to adjust their components on the way they service and market their products across the organizations. The bank can either chose banking technologies as a single and combined e-payment platform by encouraging customers to use SmartVista collection. The aim of advancing technology in the banking sector is to provide customers the solution to complicated card transactions and operations. For instance, the business will install SmartVista software in order to expand the ATMs and Internet merchants as well as improve the mobile banking services. The business is currently planning to transfer the SmartVista solution in the next five years in order to increase banking performance; thus offering better

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