Thursday, October 10, 2019


Background With the promise of making this country into â€Å"Digital Bangladesh† the government of Bangladesh introduced its first notebook to target the segment of the people of Bangladesh who can`t afford to buy a costly big name laptop. Doel is the first Netbook made in Bangladesh by Telephone Shilpa-Songstha Limited, which is situated in Tongi, Gazipur. Named after the national bird, Doel is the first ever laptop brand to be assembled in Bangladesh, which is believed to revolutionise the high tech industry of the country.With the aim to bridge the communication gap between our people and ICT, by providing laptops at an affordable rate, this initiative provides scopes to build capacity, train local manpower and strengthen the country’s ICT expertise. At present, Shilpa Songsthe Limited has manufactured four different classes of Netbooks: The Basic DOEL Netbook, DOEL Primary Netbook, DOEL Standard Netbook and DOEL Advanced Netbook Need for Research: To know and under stand our county as potential market for laptop computers I need to know what customer and potential customers’ perception towards a Bangladesh made laptop.Would it be lucrative industries for laptop manufacturing will depend on how accept Doel as a Bangladeshi laptop brand. Should other home grown brands come up with line of laptops for general people. Problem Definition: Prospect of Doel the first notebook made in Bangladesh Objectives * Know Perception towards Bangladeshi laptop brand Doel among laptop users * Assess Prospect of rising industry surrounding laptop/notebook computers in Bangladesh * Find out the Factors that Influence people to buy notebook /laptops Research Design The research will be done by conducting survey on users and potential laptop users in Bangladesh.The survey will also cover the segment of people who cannot afford laptops but might be benefitted by it. That means rural businessman, students, SME owners etc. Data Collection To conduct the research we need data and statistics of various kinds. Data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources Primary source: sample survey on users and potential laptop users of Bangladesh Interview Secondary sources: News articles Publications on ICT industry in Bangladesh Websites Blogs Data Analysis Data analysis will be done using statistical software spss.

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