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Solid Waste Management Program Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Solid Waste Management Program - Term Paper Example It is commonly believed that solid waste management is a state function. Although the government has the obligation to lead solid waste programs in the country, combined efforts of people, communities, and organizations are necessary to address this issue successfully. Authors like Nemerow et al opine that solid waste management is a complex process that comprises of many technologies and disciplines (177). Solid waste management is not such a big deal in villages because most of the waste materials except plastic wastes can be managed through composting and recycling. However, it is a great challenge for local governments in developing countries as they lack adequate transportation facilities and other equipments. Recently, a concept called integrated solid waste management has been developed for managing municipal solid waste through a number of interrelated activities. Solid Waste Management Programs in the Region of Peel Comprehensive solid waste management programs are being imp lemented in the Region of Peel, City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The region’s solid waste management is based on a ‘5Rs Waste Hierarchy’ where the 5Rs are ‘rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover’ (Region of Peel). First, people must rethink about their waste management practices and try to adopt environmentally-friendly purchase habits. For instance, people may buy rechargeable batteries instead of single use batteries and buy fewer other single use products. Secondly, individuals must try to reduce the waste they generate. For this, it is better to use reusable lunch boxes, travel mugs, and products with less packaging if possible. Third, people have to reuse their products in different ways or to share them with others. To illustrate,... From the above discussion, it is clear that the Region of Peel has developed some well structured practices to address its solid waste management needs. Curbside waste collection, special event waste recycling, waste reuse services are the major activities of the region’s Waste Management Division. Although the region’s solid waste management seems effective, it runs at huge net expenditure and the situation may threaten the operational efficiency of the region in the long run. The situation points to the need of rapid move both in terms of strategies and financial planning. It is recommendable for the Peel Region to adopt advanced waste to energy technologies, for this approach would reduce the costs associated with its operation to a great extent. This paper makes a conclusion that this proposed policy is energy neutral and hence it can promote environmental sustainability in the long run. Waste to energy method would assist the region to increase its revenues and to meet the growing electricity demand in the region. In order to convince the people regarding the necessity of this project, the region’s Waste Management Division must organize public awareness campaigns. Finally, the Peel Region must be vigilant in choosing proper waste to energy technique, because some of those methods like direct combustion can have adverse impacts on the environment. The effective implementation of this project would assist the Waste Management Division to improve its net expenditure level significantly.

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