Sunday, July 28, 2019

A written reflective report (1500 words) on your strengths and Essay

A written reflective report (1500 words) on your strengths and weakness in relation to your chosen career - Essay Example Therefore,choosing to study Arabic and English expands the job opportunities for a public practitioner to secure a job of public relation in Arabic and European nations. Moreover, studying of a foundation course that support public relation course helps one to develop competence or experience in publicity. For example, studying a foundation course such as psychology helps to understand how to relate to people under a certain limit that cannot provoke their ego. On the other hand, language barrier is one of the major challenges that affect public relation.My career as a public relation practitioner has been successful because speaking languages like Arabic and English,two of the most spoken languages internationally has helped to be competitive in job opportunities as a public relation practitioner. It has assisted in developing skills such as fluent speaking using foreign languages such as Arabic and English something not common to many practitioners worldwide. Modern public relation has entered the â€Å"fourth wave† of technological change in the field creating an impact of information highway technologies. Therefore, the demand for ICT literate public relation practitioner in professional of public relation has increased. ICT use has been beneficial to media practitioners such as journalists in gathering and recording of information. Moreover, internet has currently improved public relation through websites such as Facebook that allows the subscribers to socialize from different part of the world at a very low cost. Therefore, being ICT literate has helped practitioners to be successful in their work since it has increased their efficiency to outreach a large number of people locally and internationally. Moreover, a practitioner becomes skillful on the use of language used by different group of people at different occasions such as social language used by youths in social media such as

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