Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT (MARKETING) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 12000 words

CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT (MARKETING) - Essay Example Following by that, different theories regarding communication and how celebrities play an important role in framing communication strategies has been clarified. Then four types of celebrity endorsement modes have been explicated in order to understand how different celebrities are associated with different products or services. After that this chapter moves out to understand the major part of literature review i.e. four-variable models which are 1] Source credibility model, 2] Source attractiveness model, 3] Product match up model and 4] Meaning transfer model. Finally, this chapter ends with benefits of using celebrities and the risks attached with celebrity endorsement. Furthermore, research objectives have been drafted at the end of the section. Celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular strategies for marketing communication and advertisers. Customers see advertisements containing celebrities everyday whether they are at home or outside with their friends and family. Varieties of celebrities’ options are available to advertisers today through which companies can decide on celebrities on the basis of their product, target audience, popularity of celebrity and others. For instance, sports product companies like Nike and Adidas approach present celebrities of the popular sports of their target market audience. The choices are not just limited to sports stars of particular sport like baseball, basketball or cricket, but national or international player choices are also available to them. These celebrities are usually paid high sign up amounts and their contract with the endorsing brand has a specific validity period. Celebrities usually earn from their profession, but they can also earn the sign up amount for any endorsement which is usually higher than their average earning for the same time period. According to Forbes.com (2007), in the list of Celebrity 100 the first five celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Madonna, Rolling Stones and Brad Pitt

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