Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Reflective on Senior Portfolio inTowson University Assignment

A Reflective on Senior Portfolio inTowson University - Assignment Example I have produced a term paper which directs on the New Mexico Medicaid and its Modernization Plan and an in-class presentation on cultural competence. On the paper, I only scored 85% due to the fact that I fail to correctly gather the entire relevant issues imperative for a correct interpretation of the study. On the oral presentation, I scored 90.3% partly because of partial mastery of the topic and certain demonstrations lapses like the lack of eye contact. Reflecting on these selections, I realized how important it is to be thorough, complete and all-encompassing in analyzing a particular issue. Professionally, working on these projects triggered my critical thinking skills needed in order to assimilate all possible aspects of a particular issue with the aim of delivering more accurate, comprehensive and wide-ranging interpretations and inferences that will serve as a focal point in making more effective solutions and developments. Further, the selections taught me the importance o f preparedness, self-confidence, and profoundness in terms of the knowledge about the topic to facilitate the delivery of an informed, knowledgeable presentation. The opportunities that were offered to me during the entire duration of my Master’s degree work, and the chances presented to me to work on the many societal issues related to the administration of health sciences, were all expansive and thought-provoking. Nevertheless, the learning that I received from my professors, classmates and my research projects widened my understanding about health administration by allowing me to directly experience the administrative practices involved in the research projects, by working together with professors, and most importantly, by reflecting on my personal encounters. Today, there are numerous cases of sexual relationships thriving in our society; in fact, they are proliferating in acceleration. This is a problem that has been existing for so many years, and yet because of the typ e of government we are living in, prostitution cases has continued to shoot up. It is an imperative societal problem that needs to be addressed as this destroys the lives of many young individuals who were unintentionally impregnated due to certain causes. These particular grounds triggered my interest in knowing the different causative factors encompassing the issues of promiscuity in relation to the activity of parenthood. As a result, I have conducted a study on the related pieces of literature pertaining to The Jamaican Adolescent study and one literature review on Father Presence matters. These selections capture my analytic abilities as it requires thorough and inquisitive scrutiny on the possible reasons why many young children, especially adolescents are indulging in oftentimes pre-marital sexual intercourse which according to my research and many other studies, promiscuity in children is attributable to the poor â€Å"father presence† during childhood. In conducting this study, it is important for me as a researcher to develop profound knowledge and sharp analytic expertise on the different overlapping issues and parallel studies that can be related to the topic at hand.

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